5 things you need to know about Inheritance Tax

At a glance Much of the tax paid on estates after death can be avoided with meticulous planning. It’s important to take maximum advantage of the exemptions, allowances, gifting and other investments summarised here. Taking advice from your St. James’s Place Partner will help you navigate the complexity of Inheritance Tax. Inheritance Tax (IHT) is one of […]

Autumn Budget and Spending Review 2021 – a summary

Our electronic Budget Report provides further analysis on the changes, key facts and figures, and useful financial planning tips. Please note that, if viewing the report on a desktop computer, you will need to have Adobe Flash Player installed. In the Autumn Budget and Spending Review this afternoon, the chancellor announced that the Office for Budget Responsibility […]

The Tax Jargon Buster

At a glance: There’s no shame in not understanding financial jargon – after all, research shows many people struggle to make sense of basic financial terms. It’s particularly useful to know what the various tax terms and acronyms mean, such as ISAs, IHT, CGT and the different pension allowances. Even if you do understand most […]

Paying for long-term care: What are your options?

At a glance: Almost half the UK population – wrongly – thinks the NHS will fund their care if they need it There are many options for paying for your own care, including income, savings, investments, immediate needs annuities and property However, it’s easy to make the wrong decisions and even risk running out of […]

Why Financial Wellbeing should be in your budget for next year

At a glance: Stress and mental-health issues can affect employees’ performance and productivity, leading to low morale and unplanned absences. Employee wellbeing is no longer just an internal matter – it’s also something investors are increasingly looking at from an ESG perspective. Money worries are a key issue, with the majority of UK businesses affected […]

In case you missed it: UK Fund Manager Interviews

The quick read: The UK market is relatively cheap compared to other markets Large UK companies that our fund managers invest in are international businesses UK stocks have already benefitted from the recent market ‘rotation’, and are well-placed to continue doing so Responsible investing is front of mind for all our fund managers Over the […]

Why a family wedding might be the perfect reason to seek financial advice

At a glance With the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions, there is now a huge demand for weddings – and they’re likely to be bigger and more costly than ever Before you give a couple money towards a wedding, it’s best to seek advice to ensure you understand any tax implications There are specific wedding-gift allowances […]

Understanding the different types of pensions

At a glance The average person will work for 11 employers during their working life and a quarter of people will have 14 or more employers.1 Work out exactly which pensions you have – including the providers’ names, account details, the types of pension scheme and what you’re entitled to. An adviser can then help […]

Should I wait to access my pension?

At a glance: If you can afford to leave your pension untouched for the near future, your money will remain invested and could grow into a larger savings pile – although there’s always an element of risk with investment. You can continue paying into a pension after retirement to further boost your savings and benefit […]

The universal nature of financial worries

At a glance Money worries aren’t just about income and debt – financial stress can be caused by a wide range of situations and factors. With some of the biggest financial challenges we face occurring just once or twice in a lifetime, we don’t always have the skills or experience to navigate them on our […]