The psychology of risk

The Undercover Economist, Tim Harford, explains why we tend to over-insure small risks – and under-protect ourselves against big ones.  If you had a pet, would you consider insurance to cover veterinary costs? How about insuring against a much more costly event: loss of income if you fall ill? According to a January 2019 study […]

Top tips on teaching financial education to children

Teaching young people how money works and how to make it work for them; transforming financial futures from hoping for the best to knowing what to do. Rob Gardner is the Director of Investment Management for St. James’s Place Wealth Management and has dedicated much of his career to instilling financial education in young people, specifically […]

Targeting financial wellbeing with The Diversity Project

As part of Mental Health Awareness Week, we take a look at the recent work we’ve done around financial wellbeing – something we know can have a big impact on mental health.  St. James’s Place co-organised an event with The Diversity Project at the start of May, titled “The impact of the coronavirus on our wellbeing: Exploring […]

Will the pandemic herald a change in the UK’s savings habits?

Debt – just one unwelcome legacy of the pandemic crisis will be the huge amounts of money owed by the government, businesses and some households. It has led to suggestions that we might see a change in the nation’s financial mindset, as people realise that they need to have more savings to fall back on […]

Coronavirus: How could it affect your retirement income?

Why you should reconsider your pension withdrawal strategy during periods of market volatility. Stock market volatility can be unsettling for investors of all ages, however much they’ve invested and whatever their objectives may be. The market fluctuations triggered by the coronavirus outbreak and its impact on the global economy can have particular implications for investors […]

Protection perspective: Ways to help safeguard your financial future

How coronavirus has underlined the importance of always being prepared. The financial and economic impacts of the coronavirus crisis have thrown up a host of issues for individuals and families to consider. There has been a sharp rise in enquiries about wills and long-term care in recent weeks, and the pandemic’s effect on jobs and […]

Mortgages and coronavirus: sorting the facts from the fiction

From payment holidays to the housing market’s future prospects, we address the most frequently asked questions around how COVID-19 is impacting mortgagors.  After the UK government announced a number of measures to support homeowners who are financially impacted by the outbreak of COVID-19, banks soon followed suit. But the reporting on what’s available has been […]

Volatile times

When you live in volatile and uncertain times, should you put your long-term plans on hold? Read or watch the news, and you will encounter a world that’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. Glance at a stock market’s performance over the course of a few weeks, and what stands out is probably not the general […]

Coronavirus and the case for income protection insurance

Why cover is more critical now than ever to help protect those closest to you The coronavirus pandemic comes with wide-ranging and often unprecedented consequences for individuals and their families. The biggest and most serious is clearly the health dimension, which continues to unfold. But the economic disruption caused by the rapid spread of coronavirus […]

Be alert to fraud during this pandemic

How to protect your finances from fraudulent activity during these uncertain times. The conditions we’re experiencing now, we have never seen in our lifetimes. But the present does have several things in common with previous periods of turbulence: we are currently living through a climate of uncertainty, confusion and fear – and these are ideal […]