Targeting financial wellbeing with The Diversity Project

As part of Mental Health Awareness Week, we take a look at the recent work we’ve done around financial wellbeing – something we know can have a big impact on mental health. 

St. James’s Place co-organised an event with The Diversity Project at the start of May, titled “The impact of the coronavirus on our wellbeing: Exploring stress management and financial wellbeing”. Hosted by Dame Helena Morrisey, Chair of the Diversity Project, the session featured guest speakers Dr Terry Stuart and Harriet Shepherd of St. James’s Place Wealth Management for an hour of knowledge sharing, insight, and reflection.

Dr Terry ran a lively session that centred around learning to recognise and deal with the triggers of stress in our lives, and of those around us. Now more than ever this focus is essential, and his use of watchwords ‘Accept’, ‘Choice’ and ‘Trust’ to govern our responses were gratefully received as essential in looking after ourselves and building resilience. Plenty of audience participation also meant some calories were burnt along the way.

Personal financial concerns are a recognised stressor in our lives. Harriet’s session looked at actionable strategies individuals can implement to understand and counteract the causes of those worries. Research from PWC in 2019 identified that 59% of employees cite financial matters as their primary cause of stress. As the lead on SJP’s financial wellbeing programme looking at workplace financial education, Harriet’s work deals with the issue head on, and the tips she provided brought an engaging personal context to the discussion.

The St. James’s Place financial wellbeing programmes are founded on the belief that everyone should have access to the information they need to make personal informed financial choices; the Workplace Financial Education programme delivers on this by working with organisations to provide and deliver a financial wellbeing offering to employees.

Established in 2016, The Diversity Project is a cross-company initiative within the UK investment and savings industry. The organisation’s vision is a truly diverse and inclusive sector, with the right talent to deliver the best possible results for clients and to reflect the society it serves. To do this, the project brings together individuals from the investment profession.

If you have a savings and investment background and are interested in getting involved in the Diversity Project, there are numerous ways to do so. The organisation’s website is an extensive resource, and you can register there to attend events or receive the quarterly newsletter.


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